M A Bashkins Guitars

Welcome to the home of Bashkin Guitars. Here you will find guitars designed to be contemporary expressions of the highest aspirations of the luthier's art, precisely executed from the finest materials in the world. Using a combination of traditional and modern methods, my designs are inspired by the natural beauty of wood, and simple, organic lines which allow the instrument to fully express itself, both visually and tonally, with every element in perfect balance.

My guitars are available in a variety of sizes, but all models can be customized to suit your preferences by varying the scale length, neck profile, body depth, etc., to create a lifelong musical companion that will uniquely fit you.


Bashkin guitars feature a rich and complex voice characterized by the ideal combination of fundamental notes and their overtones to create an extraordinarily responsive, balanced and powerful guitar that is a dream to play and which faithfully expresses the personality of its owner. I hope you enjoy your time here, and I look forward to working with you to make your guitar dream a reality.